Thursday, June 24, 2010


I admit it I have not completely studied the impact of the government and GDP. I have also not checked about the other influences that caused these figures.

Please note that these numbers are taken from Wikipedia

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This country is has been invaded since the time of Alexander. Greeks, Huns and other barbaric tribes have been trying to capture and loot the riches of the country since 2500 years, yet this country stands free and every time it is invaded a hero arises to its rescue. Every invasion is fought back in an efficient way. It is kali yug and naturally anti social and anti national elements has crept in the society. The society and people's thought is decaying day by day. But the practice of our dharma has always created or gave birth to heroes who have efficiently overcome the problems that the country has faced, but they did not have the capacity to transform the freedom obtained to a permanent phenomena and our mother Bharathi still has to give birth to leaders and freedom fighters.

But our leaders we had in our country are such highly talented still we can see their influence. Wikipedia states that the present formation of India was the Hindu kingdom of Sivaji and he is accredited to annexation of andamans into India. Many temples are rebuilt and Mughal invasions has been arrested in south India due formation of vijayanagar kingdoms.India has the vedic religion due to nayanmars and Adi Sankara and they were the prime reasons that we are not proselytized by Buddhists. But we have to accept the fact that in spite of such victorious heroes the freedom is not held for a long time we have to lose it and regain it after a heavy struggle.

Bharathi now had a tough time of choosing the next heroes, because the kali yug is coming to an end and Hindu has to rise to a power such that it should be initiate the global peace. So the task of choosing the hero is great. If Maa Bharathi fails to deliver such hero the world is doomed.

So a new system in our country has to be established such that it will create such heroes who think of unifying the society rather that fighting the foreign forces. A society is needed that can withstand all the future invasions and strengthen the nation on the basis of peace and love. Hence the heroes Vivekananda and K.B.Hedgewar were born.

Vivekananda lived in India, when it was not free, though he was a nationalist. He did not talk about freeing India in any of his meetings and gatherings, he did not think about the political structures that should be in India, his main focus was in the uplifting people's lives, through this he saw a healthy and free India. K.B.Hedgewar also saw the same vision through his concept of the new organization RSS. He wanted to correct the society by correcting the individual itself.Aurobindo Ghosh later realized that whole of the society should be corrected before fighting for freedom from Brithishers. He knew that a weak and ignorant Indian will not have the capacity to safeguard his freedom.Vivekanada and Auriboindo sensed that spritual way of revolution is needed to bring these change, they installed mutts. Aurobindo left only his teacchings and nowadays he is worshipped as a god in India and Vivekananda is seen as mutts acharaya, their main motive of bringing people towards discpline and restore Hindu way of life is not wholly achieived.

While K.B.Hedgewar has brought huge chunk if population into the political and social stream of India. Many Swayamsevaks have made the Hindu Society to think in a political way and it is increasing, though it is not the most desirable one, it is needed today.

-- To Be Continued